Another venture.

I am starting an outline to write a book. At this moment I am up to 3 pages. I have written main characters, other characters, stores, business, etc and have outlined what the town looks like in my mind. I need to still come up a name for the town. Any ideas? I have names for the business or at least the main ones. I have a history of the town and the main house that I have somewhat thought out.
It is so exciting. I still have a lot of parts to figure out but I can already see cross stories, and potential sequels. I just need to figure out what this main story is going to be about. I have dreamed about this town before. I have written small stories set in this town as a beginning, I think I am going to be setting it in current times but have set up scenarios for the ability to be able to go back in history also. I am not sure of exactly what state it's going to be in but I know it's near the coast and the town is on a bay. Quilting and other crafts will be a part of it. Some of the details might change as I go along but the basic features I think will work. As example. names have changed while I am transcribing onto the computer the pages I have written by hand. As time goes along I might find more appropriate things then the ones I am making up now...
This is also a long time dream. Writing a book. I know it's just not a fly by thing. I know it will take hard work. I also know that I will struggle with words. I know that I might not finish it by tomorrow but hopefully in my lifetime. lol But it is a project, an adventure and the best way to reach the goal is to work on a little bit each day.