A new project....


Well i haven't quite finished my cross stitch project all the way. I have painted the frame i just need to sand it a bit and but the piece in. Will do that when i have time as I feel like all I do is work and sleep. lol

Last week i bought a new needlepoint project. I have had the urge to do it again. My Aunt's Jennie and Smay do them all the time. This is the one I found at Joanne's for 9.99. I got two. I hope to use them in my new apartment on a slip covered couch. . Not bad in price as I saw them on the Internet for over 23 dollars. It's a Bucilla pattern # 4904.
I also had to buy a new frame as I never did go get my first one out of storage. When i tried it on my days off the canvas was too big
for the frame so i tried folding the sides. It didn't work. It wouldn't slide into the slots on the dowels. Lol.. nothing was working that afternoon - check out my post on crocheting to see what else didn't work that day.. So I took it to work today and ended up cutting off about an inch of the canvas on the sides. It slid right in. I wrapped it up and then next separated my thread. Did you know that this pillow has light dusty pink, medium dusty pink, dark dusty pink and dusty pink. Who thinks up these things? lol Well understandable for shading but hope iI identified them right. After that was done I couldn't help myself and i worked on the checkered corner. The green is really a yellow green and it's paired with a cream. It is lovely. I love it. I plan to have this as my home project and work on my table cloth at work. I did work on my table cloth today. I had my thread got tangled up like 5 times and I had to cut the thread and pull out the thread and secure it and start again 3 times. The other times i was able to get out the knots. A couple of times the tread just broke. Not my day on that piece. lol

Work is slow so i was able to do alot but then we had a little rush at 8 pm. Who would of thunk after such a small amount of calls throughout the day.

Well off to bed to read until midnight to wait out the "public service" shows on the radio so i can fall asleep to music. I plan to get up early in the morning to work on "projects".
Hope you had a great weekend.