E- Day 5

An old English proverb says:
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
I am going to take that advice and head to bed early. That is my word of inspiration today. Early.
I did a impromptu survey of my friends at work for a word or subject that starts with E. What is interesting is many people first said excellence. That is is a good word to strive for and I have it in one of my quotes at work but what can you say about that?
Another subject I thought I could talk about is Embroidery. But where to start on that subject. I was listening to Pat Sloan’s podcast of her radio show on TalkNet radio. I They were talking about the old style iron on transfers of embroidery patterns. It made me think of Rodgers – a local 5 and Dime store here in the NW but is now closed. You could find anything and everything there. They had an old wooden cabinet that held old fashioned candy. You could also get the coolest embroidery pieces their. They were the blue ink on white fabric. They also had the black looking sick that my sister made into pillows for my 3 aunts. It was always fun to go look through them as a kid. I wanted t \this one or that one but my mom wasn’t real crafty so we didn’t get to buy them very often.
Today I love to sew pillow cases and even tried my hand in designing the pattern of the thread detail but I haven’t gotten very far.
Getting late. Off to bed.. Night NIght.

Thursday – I guess I didn’t post this but I did write it on Wed night.