J – Day 10

I own a blue corduroy jacket.  I have had it for a long time.  It is just heavy enough to wear when it’s cold and light enough when it’s in the 40’s or 50’s.  It is a casual jacket but I love it.  It is like an oversized shirt but is a very comfy corduroy. It has worn very well over the years.
I remember being out shopping with my friend Sherry.  We went to the Dress Barn and I saw  a wall of jacket’s that I fell in love with but I was short on money that month.  She was such a dear friend and bought it for me.  This was at least 15 years ago.
It is very simple in style and I am always wanting to jazz it up a little and add embroidery on to it but I have never figured out what I want.  I wear it to work a lot so I don’t want it to casual but I would like to make it a unique piece.  Also I don’t have an embroidery machine so I would be doing it myself and I don’t know if I could do it as professional as I would like.   Also what would I put on it?   Something  that wouldn’t go out of style would be my first thought.  I would probably put flowers on it.  The next question is which one?
flower 1flowers 4   flower 2flower 3

I like the 4 above.  The first two could be cool.  The third is so like my own drawings but I think would be too plain.   The fourth one just intrigued me.
What color would  I do it in?  One color or many colors?   This is why I haven’t done it.  Too many choices and afraid I wouldn’t like it once I made a decision.