A New Year

They say that what ever you do on the 1st day of the Year you will do the rest of the Year. If that is true I am going to have a drab year. Today I slept, watched movies and helped my mom who is confined to her bed as she is depilated by back pain. Encouraging her to walk to the bathroom, doing her laundry and fixing her meals.

That is real life. Enough of that.

Let’s live in the life of Tadlafleur.

I have been giving my blog a lot of thought this week. In fact my whole creative life. It has been null since I started my new job at the end of Aug. Working many over 50 hour weeks with a 45 minute commute each way has eaten up the time. I haven't even blogged very much or much of anything other then work, eat, sleep and start the day over again. Hopefully that has calmed down and we are caught up and I actually get hired on as a real employee not a temp. - but that is for another day, another post.

I have seen many blogs that are talking about having a word to inspire you through out the year. I still haven’t sat down to find that word for 2011. I want to find a word that inspires me in creativity, work, life, love and every other way that counts. What it is I don’t know. I have to find some quiet time to come up with what I want this year. This is where I want to start to get my creative flair back on track.

One of the things that I thought would inspire me is to blog everyday this month. I wrote out in my inspiration journal that I take almost every where with me the numbers 1- 31 for the month of January. Then I was stuck. Today I really wanted to blog but I didn’t have a theme to carry out through out the month. I kept putting if off as I didn't know what to blog. Lying here today watching the movies it came to me. Why don’t I use the letters of the alphabet. A-Z that will get me through 26 days. I will come up with a theme for the last 5 days. It shouldn’t be too hard as that will be my birthday week.

So that is the plan – I plan to blog everyday with the letter for the day. Some days it might be inspire me to write a blog , post a photo, post progress on a craft or even just a quote. But do something everyday. I don’t think many people read my blog but it will get me doing something.

Review of the last year..

Quilt wise – I feel very disappointed in my progress last year. I think i only completed one quilt top. You would think with all the time off I had before September I would have made more progress. I think my goals were 2 tops in each half of the year. Didn’t even come close. I have so many UFO’s that it could keep me busy all year. The one quilt top I did do was a UFO. In 2008 I downloaded the BOM Appliqué by SuzGuzDesigns. Read more on my A post. Next year I hope to do better and perhaps join a group somehow that can give me quilters companionship and support.

Craft wise. Finished my cross stitch tablecloth that took 15 years. Yahoo!!! Started to design some embroidery patterns. Stopped when i started this current job but didn’t like the direction it was going any how so will try to get back to it. Made some really cute invitations for a party I had from my group of friends called the Faith Ladies.

Movies- Boy have I taken advantage of my library. I have rented so many movies and have found some really good series. Big love (watching season 2 right now), Joan of Arcadia (both seasons) , Everwood (season one) and Once and Again (season one) . In my own “library” i have all of the series for Avonlea, Gilmore Girls, The West wing and Emily of New Moon. Any other good series I can watch?

Books- I have read a ton of those too. I have found some wonderful series by just searching the library shelves. I listened to all of the Cedar Cove series on CD on my commute. I loved them. I just found a series called Sweetgum Knit Lit Series. She has only written two books but i hope she continues this cast of characters. I need to read her other books.

Work. - Was placed as a temp at a growing company. Have made myself invaluable I hope so that they will hire me on permanently. And who knew I would care about my job again. It’s refreshing and invigorating. The culture at this facility has really boasted my spirits and confidence work wise and has given me some of my happiest work experiences.

Well i didn't know this was going to be such a long post. Once I got started this evening – i haven’t been able to stop and that is why it’s posted on the 2nd not on the 1st. And I can’t leave a post with out a photo – so here is one from the beach in Rockaway in the Summer of 2009. I wish i was sitting in that sunny weather with the sound of the ocean rather than in 20 degree weather with the sound of the heater in the other room. Happy New Year.