I – Day 9

Sunday was so busy.  I headed home and took down all of the Christmas decorations and put them in the corner until next weekend.  I then  went out to dinner and a movie with my sweetie.  We had the lightest battered fish and chips and then then went and saw True Grit.  Both of us have seen the original but we don’t remember much but a few scenes.  In watching the new version ( which we both liked) it would seem familiar but then not.  Needless I didn’t get to post so I am posting tonight.
I don’t know what to reflect on for I.  I tried looking up words for I on Google and I found the following which I thought was interesting.

20 Adjectives that Start with "I"

  1. Idiotic- selling your friends bogus stocks in an attempt to make money to cover up bad investments.
  2. Immoral- see above
  3. Indigenous- native to a certain area.
  4. Illogical
  5. Irrelevant- not pertinent, like mentioning Pokemon during a golf game.
  6. Indigo- the color on the electromagnetic spectrum between 420 and 450 degrees in wavelength, placing it between purple and blue.
  7. Improper
  8. Icy
  9. Irreconcilable- differing beliefs that cannot be brought to agreement.
  10. Inferior- lower in rank.
  11. Impeccable
  12. Intelligent
  13. Inert- unable to move, like a rock right before it is thrown into a river. Does it begin or end its journey?
  14. Incredible
  15. Interesting
  16. Infernal is like all things that are of the netherworld of the dead, hellish, like small child howling in a nice restaurant.
  17. Irate describes someone who is really, really, really, mad.
  18. Ironic - meaning the opposite of what is expressed.
  19. Integral- something upon which all other components are based.
  20. Inconceivable describes something that cannot be imagined by natural means.

I like the examples.