As well as being on a movie kick i am also on a book kick. I have found so many books lately that I want to read.
  1. The Lakeshore Chronicles by Susan Wiggs. I am currently reading the 3rd one of the series. I love the characters. 12/21 have read the 4th now
  2. Beth Pittillo books
  3. A quilters Holiday by Jennifer Chiaverly I can never spell her last name. But I know what it is when i look it up Quilters Apprentice and it gives me it. have put on reserve
  4. The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club - Gil McNeil have put on reserve
  5. Unravelled - Robyn Hardin.
  6. Barbra Bretton
  7. Monica Ferris
  8. A tread of truth - Marie Boswick
  9. Summer on Blossom Street.. Debbie Macomber. - reserved at the library. 12/21 reading as we speak..
  10. Blue Sky Hill Series, Lisa Wingate
  11. The Knitting Circle Ann Hood
  12. A Drunkards Path Clare O'Donuhue
  13. The rest of the Covington Series Joan Medicott
  14. Happiness Keys Emile Richards have put on reserve
  15. Beverly Nichols
  16. Ann Ripley - mysteries
  17. Janis Harrison.. the ones i haven't already read
  18. Quakertown -Lee Martin
  19. Loving Frank -Nancy Horan
  20. Scoop - Fern Michaels
  21. Cross Creek the book and movie
  22. The Lumby Series Gail Fraser
  23. Virgin River Series Robyn Carr
  24. Lake Emily Series -Tracie De Pree
  25. Knit the Season- Kate Jacobs have put on reserve
  26. The Prairie girls guide to life- Jennifer Worick
  27. Mary Jane Butters (i can't read my writing but the Mary Jane from the farm) 1 put on reserve, MaryJane's ideabook, cookbook, lifebook : for the farmgirl in all of us
  28. Blogging with Bliss -T. Frey have put on reserve
  29. Aimmee Ray
  30. Jenny Hart
  31. The Bridal Quartet Nora Roberts series

Boy.. that is quite a list. It's not in any order either.. Just books i found in my wanderings one day. I copied it directly from my hard copy journal. some of the authors names might not be spelled right. I couldn't read my handwriting. But with a little research I will find them. lol. Quite a list isn't it. You know how you find these list. You find a book on and then look to see what other books people have looked at or bought and it introduces you to books you have never run across before or new books by authors you have loved. I love doing it this way. It has introduced me to some wonderful authors, movies, books and even bloggers.

I recently checked out a book by a writer based on the fact that i had loved one of her books before hand. I just couldn't get into this book. I liked the idea of the story but for some reason the book was boring to me. I made the decision to not finish it. I wrote down the name of the book as I might go back to it someday. It was a hard decision of if i should stop reading the book. At the time I had two other books i wanted to read so bad but i was forcing myself to finish the one I had in front of me. I was getting no satisfaction out of it - so I decided that it just wasn't the right time for the book. I am so glad i made that decision. It felt like so much was lifted off my shoulders. Its such a trivial thing but made my life so much more enjoyable.

I don't know how long it will take to get through this list. The is no timeline, or time limit. I just wrote down books I want to explore. I am sure there will be many more in between that will somehow come up. Some I may never get to but it's a place to start.

Happy Reading.