Christmas Exchange.

This Saturday a group of 10 ladies I belong to are having a Christmas get together. They are having a present exchange. This year to keep costs down they are going with homemade gifts. I don't think any of them read this but if you do… keep the surprise please. lol … One of the items I am giving them is one of my pin cushions and today I was inspired on making a felt ornament. I had searched the internet for some ideas and after contemplating bells, candy canes, a ball or mittens I decided to go with a stocking. This is what the photo looked like... I had picked up some

burgundy red felt at Fabric Depot today and also some more white. I knew at the time I had a huge stack of felt left but I didn’t have any of that shade of red. I am glad I did. They are making the cutest stocking. I found a pattern I liked and enlarged it just a tad and I am off and running. I did a couple of test runs with my other red and once with blue embroidery thread. It looks good but not what I wanted today. Oh, while at Fabric Depot today I also bought some magnetic embroidery thread in silver, gold, 2 shades of red and 2 shades of green. I was thinking of using that in a button stitch but the six strands are too hard to work with for such a large part so I am doing embroidery stitching on the white cuff. I am using black to go around it. I love it. I will add in a photo when I get them done and when it’s daylight.

As I sat there tonight looking at the first three... I couldn’t believe I had done it. I actually was able to see something in my head, get the supplies, make it and have it turn out just as good or better then I imagined. For some many years I could never get the idea out of head, my creations that I produced did not look like I wanted it to. No where near or even the quality of a good crafter. I t just amazes me that I finally can do it. YEA!!!!! I can’t tell you what a breakthrough this is for me. It has built up my confidence so much. I know that this kind of happened with my pin cushions but for that I followed a pattern. For this one I used a pattern for the shape but everything else was my idea.. Just wait for the new things I can and will try. Maybe I will reach my dream of somehow turning this into my job or a business...

Off to bed... Night Night!!!!!