Walking.. or maybe running???????

I think i have talked about how since I graduated and losing my job I have really had no big goals. I am lost. I talked with my hair dresser on Sat. She runs marathons. I was telling her thaI had been talking to someone how I wish that I had the discipline to train a marathon. I said I didn't want to run.. lol... but i wish I had the self control and the single mindedness. She jumped on it and said I should train for one. I said "Hold On!".. I said i might walk but I am not a runner. But maybe I could train to walk one and maybe 5 miles. lol. She said we get together in January and put together a plan for me. The idea is growing on me. I did have a goal in 2008 to walk one but life was just to busy and too many things happened. It's growing and growing. I am seriously thinking of it. A glimmer to hold on to. Even going through the emotional upheaval this weekend this little nugget kept popping up. I am 90% admitting to myself that I want to go for it. What do you think?