I have been on a movie kick lately. One of the blogs I read, Posy Gets Cosy asked her readers what movies they love or watched that have featured London. I got my idea list from there so I have been having a bit of a movie fest. I had seen some of them but some of them I had not and those led me to others. Trying to keep the expenses down so I am getting these through the wonderful Multnomah County Library.

I have watched :
  1. Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont. It was such a sweet performance it made me cry at the end. I love Rupert Friend and now I want to watch The Young Victoria. I didn't realize he was in Pride and Prejudice. I need to find that song by Rosemary Clooney. She did sing beautifully didn't she.
  2. Nick & Norah's infinite playlist. Yes it was about high school kids but i loved it. The music was even good even though and made parts of the movie. The extras were good to.
  3. Sliding Doors. I have seen this many times before but felt like re watching. Loved it just as always.
  4. Possession. I love this movie. I love all of the main actors. This time around I was very impressed again by the costumes. They were quite lovely. The costume designer is Jenny Beavan. What I found out is she has done costumes for many of the movies I love. Cranford, Sense and Sensibility. Check her out.
  5. Keeping Mum. I loved Patrick Swazye in this one. He looked so good and I loved everyone else to. It was ironic that my friend Jessica had just watched it to.
  6. Wondrous Oblivion This was a good movie.. Made me understand cricket a bit more.

I also just got from the library Happy-go-lucky. That was another recommendation.

Some of the movies they suggested that I have already seen ---alot of them recently on the telly

  1. Holiday
  2. Notting Hill
  3. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  4. Bridget Jones 1 and 2
  5. Matchpoint
  6. Last Chance Harvey
  7. Pride and Prejudice both the movie and the mini series.. Oh Mr. Darcy...
  8. Beatrix Potter
  9. Love,Actually
  10. North and South
  11. Remains of the Day
  12. Little Women
  13. Plus others but i got tired of writing them. lol

I have also put some other movies on hold that they have recommended or that I have found.

  1. Two lovers
  2. Sunshine Cleaning had on hold but didn't want to have it on my list as there are over 300 holds on it so i will reserve it another day....
  3. Liberty Heights
  4. Penelope
  5. Billy Elliott- have seen but want to see again
  6. On a Clear Day always have wanted to see this. I am glad they reminded me.
  7. Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Have run out of room on my hold list so add these....

  1. Brick Lane
  2. 84 Charing Cross Road
  3. Widow's Peak
  4. Shadowlands
  5. Brief Encounter
  6. Mrs Dalloway
  7. Truely,Madley, Deeply
  8. About a Boy
  9. Starter for 10
  10. Under the Greenwood Tree
  11. Jack and Sarah
  12. Doubt
  13. The boy in the stipped pajamas

I will need to go back to that blog post and see what other movies I want to see.* Well I went back and this post has become so much longer than I intended.

My friends David and Steven also gave me the Grey Gardens collection. The original documentary and the HBO movie by Drew Barrymore. I need to watch that this weekend.

There there are my standbys. I am on the 5th season of Avonlea. I just love this series. I love this time period. I also have the 7 Brides for 7 Brothers series. I found someone who had recorded it and i got it from them. It's quite grainy but that is ok. I just like watching it. It shows a young River Phoenix.

Ones I want to watch but not at the library yet.

  1. Run Fat Boy Run
  2. The Young Victoria
  3. Breaking & Entering
  4. Career Girls
  5. Scoop
  6. 'high hopes'
  7. This Years Love
  8. Imagine Me & You
  9. Martha meet Frank,Daniel and Lawrence

Anybody else have any recommendations?

Well till later.