I have cracked the code. I was able to do 4 rows of crochet... They are not very good but I think I have gotten the basics down. Still need lots of practice... but at least I am understanding it. I am still a bit baffled on where the hook goes in on the base part before the first crochet of the stitch. I know how it is supposed to go but not sure of which hole. I will watch more videos so I can get it down. I have just done one crochet stitch so far. Double and Triple will be in a while. My goal is to make granny squares .... like the ones on the left. I will do it... Off to bed as a White Elephant and Christmas Pizza party tomorrow. Dottie


Stephanie said…
This is beautiful! I am also learning crochet right now, I've been taking classes. Good for you to be able to watch videos and teach yourself. Since I have been knitting for a while, I had a hard time switching to crochet mode and videos weren't helping me. I found your blog over at Run Lori Run. It's always nice to meet some new people. :) Steph